Financial Aid Survey
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1. Did your financial aid advisor explain the difference between a loan and grant?
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2. During your financial aid interview, were all tuition, fees, and charges disclosed to you?
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3. Upon qualifying for financial aid, did your financial papers include repayment obligations?
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4. During your interview with your financial aid advisor, were you given information regarding your loan options?
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5. Do you fully understand that you applied for a loan?
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6. Is financial need a factor in determining eligibility?
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7. What is the difference between direct subsidized and unsubsidized loan?
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 There is no difference
 The subsidized loan does not accrue interest while the student is attending at least half-time
 The subsidized loan does not have to be repaid
 The unsubsidized loan has a difference repayment date
8. On which loan does the interest continue to accrue while in forbearance ?
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 Direct subsidized loan
 Direct unsubsidized loan
 Both subsidized and unsubsidized loan
 Neither subsidized nor unsubsidized loan
9. If I can't make my payments, I may avoid default by-
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 Switching repayment plans to get a lower monthly payment
 Considering an income-driven repayment plan
 Getting a deferment or forbearance
 All of the above
10. Do you think your financial aid advisor was helpful and knowledgeable about the loans?
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